Traditional Methods of Gloves Manufacturing

The Glove Cutting

Selection Of Leather

This selection is a prerequisite before the actual cutting takes place. The leather skins are classified by color and size to determine what type of gloves they will be made for (male or female, short or long,...).


The leather is moistened to improve the flexibility and the extensibility.

Skinning and platting

The leather is stretched to its maximum to determine the location of the different parts that will make up the glove. The leather is worked by pulling it from the head towards the bottom of the animal. Then the size of the gloves ismeasured.

Pulling and Cutting

One last time, the leather is stretched lengthwise allowing a greater lengthening potential of the glove. The gloves are cut along the contours of cardboard calibers where the finger and thumb slots are indicated.


The « iron hand » is much like a cookie cutter in the exact shape of the glove which the craftsman places rectangles of the skin. Everything is placed under a hydraulic press. When cutting, also called « splitting », the fingers are separated and the place for the thumb is left open.

La « main de fer » est tout simplement un emporte-pièce qui reprend la forme d’une main. C’est sous cet accessoire que le gantier dispose la pièce de cuir travaillée au préalable. De cette manière, après un passage sous une presse hydraulique, le morceau de peau est découpé et commence à prendre la forme d’un gant.


The edges of the glove are then trimmed with scissors.

The Glove Sewing


The creation of various distinctive details that range from ribbing or lacing to the creation of motifs (poppies, violets...).

The "Piqué Anglais"

Sewing a knit stitch (no discomfort from the seam) recognizable thanks to the forks: small triangles located at the base of each finger allowing more ease and solidity.

The Lining

The lining is positioned by means of wooden hands which allow the lining to be inserted into the glove and secured by an invisible seam at each fingertip.


Consists of sewing a final small band on the sewing machine.

Checkout Steps

The "Baguettage"

Name given for sewing control and using a stick (spingles) consisting of two points inserted into the five fingers separating the seams. This makes it possible to check that the seams are not too tight. If this were the case, inserting the fingers would be difficult.


To bring the glove to life after having undergone numerous tests and to present it in it’s best light, the gloves are worn on the « warm hands » which eliminates folds in the hide and gives the glove its shape.

Pairing and final control

The gloves are checked one last time and then attached together before being shipped or stocked in our shop.