Quality raw materials for our gloves

The choice of the quality for the raw materials

All our raw materials are selected with the biggest care and in the best choices.

The lamb leather

We select our leather at the best taweries.
Our quality standards are high and are based on two elements which that your pair of leather gloves is a second skin : the softness and the quality of leather's flower.
The lamb is perfectly adapted to the making of leather gloves for several reasons :

  • The softness of the skin gives comfort.
  • The solidity of the skin allows to work on thin thicknesses for the elegance.
  • The lamb skin is very soft... for the pleasure.

Glove linings

We only use 100% silk, 100% cashmere or 100% rabbit linings.
All our linings are selected at the best specialists : Italy.

it is a natural textile fiber which allies comfort and heat. To favor to keep a fine hand.
it is a soft natural wool coming from a goat of the kashmere province.
it is a second glove of an extreme softness which goes up to the fingerstips. Composed of the skin and the fur of the rabbit, it associates excpetionnal comfort, elegance and a unique heat