Leather gloves manufacturing




Our gloves :

  • are made from A to Z in our workshop
  • use the skins of Millau, the first quality skin
  • is worked to fit as a second skins
  • are sewn with the " English machine stich ", a guarantee of ease and solidity

Our gloves remain faithful to the heritage of the past and show of the evolution of this time through the quality, the creativity and the originality of the classic and fancy collections.

We offer you the possibility to personalize your pair of glove and even to have them made to measure so that your creation fits you like a glove…

atelier du gantier


la "Wet stage" :
the skins are dampened to favour suppleness and the "prêtant".

le "Cutting up :
the skin is pulled from the top to the bottom of the animal.

"Placing" :
this operation consists in removing the defects, then measuring the width of the glove.

"Selection of samples" :
the glove is last pulled in the length which allows a potential widening of the glove.

Our expertise