What is Peccary? Where does it come from ?

 The Peccary resembles a small pig with a brown fur coat that lives in Central and South America.

How to recognize Peccary skin ?

It is recognizable easily by the implantation in the coat where the hairs are grouped in threes.
Therefore it is quite easy to recognize Peccary skin.

You should know that the peccary contains defects on its skin due to its wildlife. This is why the gloves may contain scars of the wildlife of this animal. Otherwise there would be a lot of waste of raw material. However, our workshop opts for reasoned consumption while maintaining a very high quality product.

Beware, there are certain skins that have been ‘peccarized’, that is to say that skins (often lamb) have been marked to give the impression that it is Peccary.
You can differentiate between the two thanks to the regular distribution of the hairs.

What qualities does Peccary skin have ?

There are multiple qualities…First, the skin is very supple and has an incomparable softness.
It is also leather that, over time, develops a fabulous patina.
The softness of the skin allows for a unique fit and comfort.
Did you know that Peccary leather is the only washable leather? You can wash them with soap from Marseille and dry them away from any source of heat. Then try them on regularly to restore their original shape.

How to choose your Peccary skin gloves ?

The timeless pattern is obviously hand sewn, with 3 ribbings on the top of the hand.
To take full advantage of the exceptional character of Peccary skin, these gloves are worn unlined. It is obviously possible to double them in silk or cashmere.