Dry stain remover

Dry stain remover

Use it to remose the grease stains

Directions for use:

Sparkle generously to cover the stain
Rub and leave it to act several hours
Remove the powder and renew the operation if necessary.


The “”Terre de Sommières” is a stone changed into powder, the Montmorillonite.
The powder has got an extremely high absorbage power.
100% natural and ecological

- Our artisanal manufacture guarantees comfort and solidity.
- Each pair of gloves is made by hand.
- The flexibility and feel of our exceptional lamb leathers are incomparable.
- All our gloves come in a reusable flannel pouch.

You have chosen a custom made product that has been adjusted for the lenght of your fingers regardless of the width of the hand. "What do I need to do?" It's very simple, just send us the following by post:

- the photocopy of your hand accompanied by a double decimeter making sure to check that scale 1 is well respected (1 cm = 1 cm).
- give us the measurement around your hand as indicated on the practical guide.

We will keep you informed as soon as we receive your information.

Product dispatched within 48 hours.

Direct price from workshop Direct price from workshop
Exceptional craftsmanship Exceptional craftsmanship
Free delivery Free delivery
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